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Sod can be delivered subject to minimum amounts.  Generally, our delivery Zone 1 is Central Bucks and Council Rock School Districts.  Our minimum amount to deliver in these areas is 1,500 Square Feet.  Beyond these areas our minimum delivery is generally 2,500 Square Feet.

To be safe the sod will need to be installed the same day it is received.  Early spring and late fall deliveries are the only ones that may be allowed to go into a second day.  As a general rule one person can install a 500 sq. ft. pallet of sod in an hour  A 10,000 sq. ft. site ( approx. one-quarter acre ) would take a crew of 6 to 8 people an entire work day.  Edging around beds, trees, or other landscaped areas will slow the installation process.

Please keep in mind that we will be coming to your home in a large flat bed truck or 18-wheeler.  Please alert us in advance if there are any roads or streets that are difficult to navigate.  Low bridges, bridges with low weight limits or narrow streets are things that make delivery difficult.  It is at our drivers discretion how close we can get to the front of your property.  We will be unloading the sod from the truck and placing it around your site with a hitch-hiker forklift that is eight feet wide.  Gates or other narrow areas between landscaping may be impassable.  Please mark all irrigation heads with flags.  The first half-hour of unloading time at the job site is free with delivery.  Any time spent beyond that first half-hour is billable at $60 per half-hour.  This is rarely required but necessary if there is excessive operator time required at the site.

Before your sod is delivered, make sure you have fertilizers, labor, and water available.  You will have to water the entire site up to 2 hours a day in summer conditions.

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