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Because sod is a mature product the day you receive it, it is easier to use in areas where seed is hard to grow.  In shady areas, fescue sod will root in and remain strong, where seed would have a difficult time germinating. Along sloped areas, sod will remain in place while seed may erode or wash away.

Seeding jobs can be done confidently in two seasons. March 15th to May 1st is the spring season that gives the seed a chance to grow before hot, dry summer conditions.  September 1st to October 15th is the fall season.  This lets the seed germinate before soil temperatures are too cold leaving your site to erode all winter.

Sod can be installed any time from March 1st until Christmas.  As long as the ground is not hard-frozen, our equipment is able to cut sod for delivery.  It is a common myth that sod can not be installed into late fall.  Your sod will continue to root in the late fall and all winter as long as the ground is not frozen. Late fall is really the best and easiest time to sod; watering will not be as urgent as spring and summer.

The sod you buy is a mature product and ready to enjoy the day you receive it.  Sod is generally 18 months to two years old when you purchase it.  During its growth in the field it is closely monitored and maintained.  Growing sod to maturity takes multiple fertilizer applications and care.

Using grass seed for your site would be cheaper in the short term.  If you would grow it to sod quality over the long term, the expenses begin to pile up.  In todays hectic world, most people have neither the time nor the patience to spend two years trying to establish a lawn from seed.  Whether you have just purchased your new dream home or are working around your older home, sod is well worth the investment.

Landscaping with sod can instantly increase the market value of your home 5% to 10%.  It is one of the easiest and most valuable improvements you can make to your home.  A thick lush sod lawn cools the atmosphere by reflecting 50% of the suns heat.  Sod absorbs carbon dioxide and noise.  A 50 ft. by 50 ft. lawn (2,500 square feet) produces enough oxygen for a family of four.

The seed we use to grow our sod is tested at multiple facilities across the country by the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program at sites including Penn State University and Rutgers University. Hundreds of seed varieties from different species are tested.  These tests include aspects like short mowing tolerance, shade tolerance, fertilizer requirements and others.

Our sod is grown from the best varieties available.  The seed we use is tested to the highest levels and deemed Sod Quality which is higher than the standard sold at most lawn & garden centers.  It would be virtually impossible for a private individual to walk into your local garden center and buy the same seed at the same quality standards used at Robin Run Turf.

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